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Testimonials from Wine Market Council Members

  • “WMC studies allow us to understand expectations and developments in wine consumption in the USA. They are very important for us to adapt our marketing strategy.”
  • “As a marketing executive I frequently use WMC data in my presentations to the Board.  It is well respected and helps to support new brand campaigns we are considering.”
  • “WMC’s rich deep dive into the multicultural consumer was essential to defining our go forward plan for the next generation of wine drinkers.”
  • “WMC provided the data to validate my value proposition and marketing tactics. “
  • “Wine Tourism is a key element of our region’s DTC Efforts, so we had WMC’s President present at our Annual Industry Conference on the results “The Outlook for Wine Tourism and DTC Sales,” it was eye opening for our industry members that they need adjust their marketing to attract more multi-cultural wine tourists to our State.”
  • “We have used research from the WMC over ten years to inform strategies for our clients to successfully advance their market share in the US.”
  • “The WMC research program offers an invaluable  global perspective on the evolutions of the market and its trends.”
  • “The WMC allows the industry to have platform with a common goal of moving the wine business forward in a positive way with fact based category insights that give membership a single version of the truth.”
  • “The information and reports from WMC is typically the base of our marketing recommendations to clients. It helps us make sure our targeting and messages are on point.”
  • “My work is focused on opening DTC channels for Italian wineries. As Italians don’t yet have a wealth of data in this emerging sector, WMC provides invaluable research that helps me develop data-driven strategy for my clients, allowing them to track measurable success. “
  • “I really enjoy the interaction with well-informed industry leaders. The consumer data is the very best.”
  • “Best database in the business.”
  • “An early WMC study revealed that Millennials (then a young cohort as large as the Boomers) were early adopters of wine, suggesting strong growth potential. That lasted about three years before the rest of the beverage industry jumped on the Millennial bandwagon, and this large cohort’s interest in wine spread across the world of alcohol beverages. “
  • “WMC’s study on Green Wine convinced us of the viability of launching a Vineyard Sustainability Certification program in our state. As a result, we received a $200,000 grant and have now certified 49 vineyards.”


Photo Credit: Unsplash – Nguyen

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