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Wine Market Council’s mission is supported by annual dues from its members and grants from associated industry organizations. Membership is open to wine grape growers, producers, importers, distributors, trade associations, and other wine industry affiliated businesses and organizations. The council provides its members with insightful research on U.S. wine consumer behaviors and attitudes, as well as studies of the market behaviors and attitudes of members of the U.S. wine trade.

Benefits of Membership

  • Access to the Largest U.S. Wine Consumer Survey in World – a biannual Benchmark Segmentation survey with 4500+ consumers, balanced to U.S. census for gender, age, ethnicity, education, and income.
  • Access to Hot Wine Topic Surveys – information from 2 to 3 additional research surveys per year on some of the most important current wine topics, g. Ingredient Labeling, Multicultural Consumers, High-End Consumers, Aging Wine Consumers, Younger Wine Consumers, etc.
  • Research Webinars – ability to attend WMC webinars with latest research and guest experts, plus access to video recordings and slide decks.
  • Data Files – Access to data files (g. Excel, crosstabs, raw coded respondent data) on research studies (at $1000 dues level)
  • Powerful Network – opportunity to interact with other companies in the industry (wineries, distributors, importers, growers, trade associations and affiliates)
  • 27 Year Track Record – proven track record of providing 27 years of U.S. wine consumer research (since 1996)

How Membership Works:

  • A company or association may join at any time during our current fiscal year and receive all research reports published this fiscal year as well as future Wine Market Council monthly newsletters.
  • Minimum dues for all member categories are $400 (if calculated dues are less than $400).
  • Members wishing access to all research data, in addition to reports, must pay minimum dues of $1,000 (if calculated dues are less than $1,000).
  • Dues calculations for members may be based on the member’s previous fiscal or calendar year, as applies.

Member Testimonials

  • “As a marketing executive I frequently use WMC data in my presentations to the Board. It is well respected and helps to support new brand campaigns we are considering.”
  • “WMC rich deep dive into the multicultural consumer was essential to defining our go forward plan for the next generation of wine drinkers.”
  • “WMC’s study on Green Wine convinced us of the viability of launching a Vineyard Sustainability Certification program in our state. As a result, we received a $200,000 grant and have now certified 49 vineyards.”
  • “The WMC research program offers a unvaluable global perspective on the evolutions of the market and its trends.”

Watch the interview with Wine Market Council’s former President, Dale Stratton, to learn more about our organization and the important research conducted on behalf of our members.

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Membership dues are based upon different criteria that are dependent upon your association with the wine industry.

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