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Role of Wine in a Wellness Lifestyle


Thursday, February 11th, 2021

Christian Miller, WMC Director of Research, and Peggy Gsell from NielsenIQ present an in-depth look at the Role of Wine in a Wellness Lifestyle study. This study combines survey and household panel purchasing data to give a detailed picture of the role wine plays in “wellness” lifestyles and consumer perceptions. This is the first in-depth look at wine in the Covid era as it relates to diet, ingredients, alcohol levels, lifestyles and other wellness concerns.

The research covers:

  • Overall interaction and purchasing trends between wine, beer, spirits and hard seltzer
  • Reasons for changing consumption overall and wine specifically
  • Current health and wellness practices and beliefs among consumers
  • Purchase behavior and wine consumption as related to those beliefs
  • Comparison of wine with other alcoholic beverage categories, including attributes related to “wellness”
  • Participation and behavior in “dry” months