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Communications & the Consumer:
What Information is Important to Which Consumers and How Do They Obtain It?

September 2, 2020 recording now available through the Members Login page.

Wine Market Council Director of Research, Christian Miller, presented the results from WMC’s most recent research on wine consumers’ acquisition and sources of information. The central topic was the type of information on wine that consumers want to help them choose and purchase.

Aspects of the research include sources of information, media used to obtain it, information sought before purchase vs. in-store, importance ratings for 10 categories and 34 specific types of information, and an assessment of barriers to purchase that are related to information or lack of it. The data was examined for various categories of consumer. This research has implications for wine marketing ranging from back label content, to choice of media, to broadening the wine market.

In addition, WMC President, Dale Stratton,  presented some recent data on the state of the wine market and consumer attitudes towards shopping and travel.

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