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The Landscape of Adult Beverage Consumers: Wine Market Council’s Annual Benchmark Survey

Since the late 1990s Wine Market Council has been fielding an Annual U.S. Consumer Segmentation Survey. The current version has been carried out since 2014 using a stratified sample that represents the census of U.S. adults, providing benchmark data on U.S. wine consumption and attitudes. On August 8th, WMC will present a Webinar focused on the results of the 2019 version. Attendees will hear the latest update on any major changes from 2017-2018, plus details on reasons for changing wine consumption and who is buying the newer packaging formats plus more on new wave competitors such canned spritzers and hard water.

Please join Christian Miller, WMC research advisor and proprietor of Full Glass Research at 10:00 AM Pacific Time to view the 45 minute webinar and engage in the Q&A session afterwards.

Email admin@winemarketcouncil.com for registration information.

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