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Wine Market Council recently completed a two phase quantitative study of Role of Wine in a Wellness Lifestyle. The research covers interaction between wine, beer, spirits and hard seltzer; health and wellness practices among consumers and how they affect beverages; positive and negative attributes of each category; and wine consumption as it relates to all of the above.

In the survey phase, we asked alcoholic beverage consumers about what they do to maintain wellness. The following is an excerpt of the data.


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Role of Wine in a Wellness Lifestyle

Thursday, February 11th, 2021

Christian Miller, WMC Director of Research, and Peggy Gsell from NielsenIQ present an in-depth look at the Role of Wine in a Wellness Lifestyle study. This study combines survey and household panel purchasing data to give a detailed picture of the role wine plays in “wellness” lifestyles and consumer perceptions. This is the first in-depth look at wine in the Covid era as it relates to diet, ingredients, alcohol levels, lifestyles and other wellness concerns.

The research covers:

  • Overall interaction and purchasing trends between wine, beer, spirits and hard seltzer
  • Reasons for changing consumption overall and wine specifically
  • Current health and wellness practices and beliefs among consumers
  • Purchase behavior and wine consumption as related to those beliefs
  • Comparison of wine with other alcoholic beverage categories, including attributes related to “wellness”
  • Participation and behavior in “dry” months

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