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In our recent Wine & Wellness study, we asked consumers to rate the importance to them of various practices to enhance wellness. The question gave them a list of practices and asked “Please indicate how important each of the following is to you in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.” The answer options included:

  • A key thing I focus on to maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Important, but not key to my efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Don’t consider important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle

The chart below shows the results for the entire panel, a sample of 1,933 US households that consume beverage alcohol.



The factors can be lumped into three broad categories: Activity-based, Alcohol-related and Diet or Nutrition factors. We also sorted  respondents into these groups by which of these factors they regarded as “key.” There was some overlap, but these three segments showed some interesting patterns in the survey. Those who were particularly concerned with diet or alcohol were more likely to be decreasing alcohol consumption (including wine) than the activity-based group.

However, in all three segments, wine was chosen by significantly more as the healthiest among the options of beer, cider, spirits and hard seltzer. Those who think wine is healthier than other drinks were also much more likely to be reducing or avoiding artificial ingredients and sugar, as well as reducing calories. Those who were drinking more wine were more likely to endorse the activity-based wellness factors.


Preparing for Reopening: The Outlook for the Wine Economy and Wine Tourism in 2021

This webinar looks at key factors in the “reopening economy” and what wineries should consider in terms of wine tourism and the return of on-premise sales.

In addition to WMC President Dale Stratton and Research Director Christian Miller, we have the following speakers:

  • Robert Eyler PhD, economics professor at Sonoma State University, proprietor of Economic Forensics & Analytics and expert on regional impact studies.
  • David Bratton, Founder and Managing Director of Decision Analysts, a leading market researcher in the tourism industry.

Topics  covered include:

  • what might reopening look like?
  • depletion trends
  • consumer attitudes towards travel, tourism and on-premise
  • the economics of the return of wine tourists and the on-premise channel

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