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The following is excerpted from the Category Dynamics report. Note that this data is based on actual purchases (not self-reported) from the Nielsen Homescan panel. The measures include for each category: the percentage of all households and alcoholic beverage buyers that purchased, the share of total beverage alcohol volume, the share equivalized for standard servings, and the average number of times bought annually per household.

household panel
Source: Wine Market Council, Nielsen IQ Homescan panel CY2020

While wine had the broadest share of households purchasing it, its share of volume was below that of beer and share of servings was below that of beer or spirits. This is due to the large number of households that purchase small volumes on an occasional basis, typically for a holiday or special occasion. Among core wine consumers (drink once a week or more often), wine’s share of volume is 39%.

In 2020, the total purchases by households in the panel increased 17% for Wine, 26% for spirits and 10% for beer, due to the shutting down of most on-premise sales and the pantry-loading episode in the Spring. The surge was mainly, but not wholly, due to the same households from 2019 buying more. The number of buying households for beverage alcohol in general increased 3%, and 6% for wine. Hard Seltzer continued to surge (albeit from a low base) with the number of purchasing households increasing 89% and equivalent volume by 148%.



From Thursday, June 24, 2021

Wine, Beer, Spirits & More: The Battle for “Share of Mouth”

Wine Market Council President, Dale Stratton, and Director of Research, Christian Miller,  present data from SipSource and the new WMC Category Trends report, followed by a discussion with veteran brand builder, Lisa Ehrlich, an industry expert experienced in multiple channels. The focus is on how the major beverage alcohol categories interact; the impact of RTDs, cocktails and hard seltzer; and speculation on where all this is headed.

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