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We are a non-profit industry association dedicated to advancing the U.S. wine market through primary research benefiting our members

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*Wine Market Council Wine Freshness and Preservation Survey. Responses from 1,198 U.S. adults 21 or older who drink wine at least once a month. Survey fielded and respondents sourced through Google Consumer Survey in July 2016.

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Wine Market Council conducts annual segmentation and tracking studies of U.S. wine consumers and numerous issue-specific studies each year.

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How often would you say you throw out the remains of a regular sized bottle of wine that you didn't finish?*


Click here to learn more about Wine Market Council research.


Click here  to learn more about Wine Market Council research.

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Annual Meeting

On Friday morning , March 3, 2017, Wine Market Council will hold its annual membership meeting at The CIA at Copia in Napa.  Presented at this meeting will be much of the research Wine Market Council has conducted this year, as well as discussions about using research in your business and how to get more involved in what topics the Wine Market Council studies.

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