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Wine Market Council has released the 2021-22 Wine Market Council Benchmark Segmentation Study, our core product, and the largest and most consistent consumer survey of total wine consumers available in our industry.

The purpose of the Benchmark Study is to provide WMC members with authoritative data on who in America is drinking what and how frequently, with detail on shopping by channel and price point, types of wine consumed or purchased, interaction with other drinks and demographics of the various consumer segments.

One area covered in the study is the overlap of wine with other types of drinks. As the chart below demonstrates, the majority of wine drinkers drink at least one other form of beverage alcohol. A large minority of them consume products that don’t fit into the “big three” categories of beer, wine or spirits. While Hard Seltzer has gotten much of the publicity, wine-related drinks such as Sangria, spritzers and fruit-infused wines are actually more popular among wine drinkers.

2022 Benchmark survey graph

Consumption of these drinks skewed younger, peaking among those aged 30-39. Black and Hispanic consumers also indexed high for wine-related drinks. Perhaps surprising to some, high end wine consumers (who purchase $20+ wines at least monthly) were also more likely than the average wine drinker to consume them, at least every 2-3 months.

WMC members can now access the full report from the Member Resources page after logging in with your company’s credentials.


Thursday, December 8th at 10:00 AM Pacific Time

What Consumers Think About Ingredient and Nutrition Labels on Wine

Wine Market Council will present an exclusive webinar for members, featuring our latest consumer research on consumer perceptions and understandings of ingredient and nutrition labeling on wine. Christian Miller, WMC Director of Research, will report on the results of our recent study. Justin McGuirk, Senior Counsel for the Wine Institute, will explain where the wine industry is in the legislative process; and Jeannie Bremer, Vice President of Compliance and Public Policy for The Wine Group, will explain what this means for individual wineries.

With new national and international regulations on the horizon, and activists from various sectors staking out positions, we feel it is critical for our members to know how wine consumers feel about ingredients and nutritional information on wine and competitive products. The results may surprise you.

We have completed the initial analysis of our survey of consumers on this important and timely topic. The survey was conducted in September and October of 2022, on 500 core and 500 marginal wine consumers, distributed closely by gender and age to the U.S. standards established by the WMC Benchmark Segmentation Study in 2021-22.
The webinar will cover key highlights from the research, including:

• To what extent consumers say their purchases are influenced by ingredients or nutrition in wine, in comparison to a variety of other products
• Perceptions of the number and type of ingredients in wine, and reactions to two typical wine ingredient lists
• Knowledge of, and interest in, ingredient or nutrition labeling standards for wine
• Preconceptions of nutritional content of wine vs. reaction to a hypothetical nutrition label for a typical dry wine

Don’t miss this chance to get the facts on consumers’ perception of ingredients and nutrition labeling in wine, based on robust quantitative research.

A question-and-answer session will follow the presentations.

Email Sherri Fidel at admin@winemarketcouncil.com for a link to register for the webinar.

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